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Hi Pickleball Enthusiasts,

Welcome to Lake Havasu City Pickleball. We have a pickleball association which is working hard with the city to expand our current four courts. We hope to obtain the financing to build four more courts in the immediate future and then to complete the 16 court complex later on. Progress all depends upon financing.

This website provides lots of information about places and times to play and whom to contact for additional information. We hope you can see the advantages to joining our pickleball association as your support is key to helping us achieve our pickleball goals.

Our PB activities often show up on short notice and may not be reflected as a regular event on our website calendar of events.   If you are in Lake Havasu City and would like to be kept abreast of new activities and opportunities as they arise, please send David Rossing an e-mail expressly asking to be added to our PB database.

Click HERE to send me an email message or copy and paste my email address:

Download the LHC Pickleball Brochure by clicking HERE or the member application/renewal by clicking HERE and return the completed form.


David Rossing, President

Lake Havasu City Pickleball Association