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Vision for LHCPBA

Vision: Playing Pickleball provides the opportunity to participate in a healthful, socially engaging activity for all ages.

Indicators that we are achieving our vision include:

Pickleball participants:

  • Are involved and learning.
  • Are advancing skills
  • Display a sense of camaraderie between players of all skill levels such that each can maximize their opportunities to explore and improve their play.
  • Are assisting lesser skilled players through practice, clinics and other forms of education.

The Association:

  • Is promoting commerce in the area by attracting players from surrounding areas to come and use our facilities and through hosting our own tournament play.
  • Is fostering a cooperative atmosphere between the players and the city governing bodies, both in sharing finances, maintenance and long range planning.
  • Is arranging both indoor and outdoor venues to accommodate the numbers of players, climatic conditions and the needs of individual players.

LHCPBA Board of Directors as of January 26, 2017

Official 2017 Lake Havasu Pickleball Board of Directors

President:  David Rossing (2 yrs) Exp 2018
Vice-President:  Doug Carr (2 yr) Exp 2019
Secretary: Mike Delaney (2 yr) Exp 2019
Treasurer: Nancy Langen (2 yrs) Exp 2018
Sergeant At Arms: Doug Frisbie (2 yr) Exp 2018
Board Member at Large: Michael Christensen  (2 yr) Exp 2019

Official 2017 Lake Havasu Pickleball Chairpeople

Membership: David Rossing
Website/Publicity:  Eric Swiech
Education: Michael Christensen
Fundraising/Facility: Mike Delaney/Dennis Day
Competition: Vacant