LHCPBA Board of Directors as of January 26, 2017

Official 2017 Lake Havasu Pickleball Board of Directors

President:  David Rossing (2 yrs) Exp 2018
Vice-President:  Doug Carr (2 yr) Exp 2019
Secretary: Mike Delaney (2 yr) Exp 2019
Treasurer: Nancy Langen (2 yrs) Exp 2018
Sergeant At Arms: Doug Frisbie (2 yr) Exp 2018
Board Member at Large: Michael Christensen  (2 yr) Exp 2019

Official 2017 Lake Havasu Pickleball Chairpeople

Membership: David Rossing
Website/Publicity:  Eric Swiech
Education: Michael Christensen
Fundraising/Facility: Mike Delaney/Dennis Day
Competition: Vacant