Cool T-Shirts Available!!!

LHCPBA Fundraising Committee

Hi Everybody,

First off, we should tell you why we’re raising money.  The rumor that we committee members want to fund a round-the-world cruise for ourselves is totally false.  Truth is, the money will be used for developing the pickleball complex at Dick Samp Park.  Although we may need to augment City funding of the first four courts, our main objective is to jump-start Phase Two – the second set of four courts.

Our first fundraising venture is selling LHCPBA logo t-shirts.  The logo, unveiled here for the first time, will be printed on the left breast pocket area of the shirts pictured below.  The shirt fabric is ‘performance’ polyester by Sport-Tek.


Price is $18 for standard sizes S, M, L, XL.  Premium sizes are $19.50 for XXL; $21 for XXXL.

Please email Mike Delaney and provide specifics: men’s or women’s, sizes and quantities, and your full name. Email the information to Mike Delaney at:

So, how many do you want?  Now, don’t be thinking of just yourself.  How about the folks back home in Frostbite Falls?  How about all those people on your Christmas gift list?

Although the initial batch of shirts will be royal blue/black, subsequent orders could be in different colors if there’s enough interest.  The minimum order quantity is one dozen.

Fundraising Committee Contacts
Mike Delaney
Dennis Day