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Local Winners in the Laughlin Senior Pball Games

Congratulations to all of you who went to Laughlin and played in the Senior Games.

It is good to hear about the successes at the Laughlin Senior Games.

Frank Thompson won gold at age 82 playing with the 67+ age group!

Additionally, here are some more finishes:

Men’s 50+   Andy and Larry  GOLD  and Dennis and Scott (from Islander)  BRONZE

Mixed 50+   Shanna and Larry GOLD and Dennis and Linda (from Islander)  BRONZE

Women’s Doubles:   Shanna and Linda   GOLD

Also at the Laughlin Sr Games, Maria Ledemsa and Laurie Engel paired up (they normally play at the Ark) and came home with a bronze for the ladies 60+ category.  Then Laurie and a lady from Kingman, Liz Eiland, teamed up and took the bronze in the Tuesday’s seeded tournament at Laughlin.

What a great result from the Lake Havasu contingent.

Congratulations folks.   We are proud of you!

Thank you Polly B. for providing the update.


Pickleball Done Right

1. Capture the net! This is the most critical strategy (number 2, below is a close second). Join your partner at the NVZ (no volley zone) line after returning serve.
2. Stay beside partner; move forward and back together, side by side.
3. Stay behind baseline until ‘2nd bounce’ shot is hit, then rush to NVZ line.
4. Slow down: placement trumps power. Full power serve returns may not allow adequate time to join partner at NVZ line.
5. R partner returns lobs behind L partner and vice versa; switch sides, holler ‘switch!’
6. Aim for opponents’ feet.
7. Vary serve types but avoid unforced errors.
8. Use lobs to get opponents away from NVZ line.
9. Watch opponents play, note weaknesses and lefties, share info with partner.
10. If both partners are R handed, L partner returns balls hit 8-12” to R of center.
11. Poaching is fine – if you have a good shot and partner isn’t in the way.
12. Identify weakest opponent and hit to him/her.
13. Use dink shots whenever possible.
14. Be patient, play safe, let opponents make the errors.
15. The overall best shot is deep, low and just left of center.
16. Watch opponents’ paddles and bodies to predict speed, spin and direction.
17. Spin returns are tricky: hit slower and allow more net clearance.
18. Practice. Perfect your dinks and lobs, work on weaknesses.
19. When the ball is hit to your partner, your job is watching the lines and informing your partner if the ball appears to be going out (see 4 below).
20. Watch and learn from better players; heed their helpful tips.

1. “Got it!” when either partner could take it but you have better shot.
2. “Yours!” when either partner could take it but partner has better shot.
3. “Switch!” when running back to return a lob behind your partner.
4. “No!” to alert partner that ball appears to be headed out of bounds.

Helpful Links
1. http://www.pro-litesports.com/ Click on Newsletter and Tips.
2. http://usapa.org/. Videos of national tournaments. Click on Training Room in left hand column for good tips and videos.
3. http://www.pickleballcoach.com/forums/. Coaching videos and strategies.

Mike Delaney

Pickleball popularity surges in Lake Havasu City

With winter visitors back, the sport ‘dominates’ local gyms
  • By BRANDON MESSICK Today’s News-Herald
  • Updated

The Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center was packed on Tuesday morning, as cars filled virtually every space of the facility’s parking lot. It wasn’t the swimming pool that brought them, however, but the game of pickleball.

Havasu’s Parks and Recreation Department hosts open gyms throughout the year in the Aquatic Center’s “Relics and Rods” hall, with basketball, table tennis and volleyball as available options. According to recreation supervisor Swan Cooke, pickleball is the most popular activity by far.

About 42 members of the Havasu community, many of whom were retirees, occupied the four courts set up in the Aquatic Center on Tuesday, after rainy weather brought players from outdoor venues such as the Island and The Ark at Stonebridge Christian Fellowship Church.

You can read the entire Havasu News article by clicking HERE.


Vision for LHCPBA

Vision: Playing Pickleball provides the opportunity to participate in a healthful, socially engaging activity for all ages.

Indicators that we are achieving our vision include:

Pickleball participants:

  • Are involved and learning.
  • Are advancing skills
  • Display a sense of camaraderie between players of all skill levels such that each can maximize their opportunities to explore and improve their play.
  • Are assisting lesser skilled players through practice, clinics and other forms of education.

The Association:

  • Is promoting commerce in the area by attracting players from surrounding areas to come and use our facilities and through hosting our own tournament play.
  • Is fostering a cooperative atmosphere between the players and the city governing bodies, both in sharing finances, maintenance and long range planning.
  • Is arranging both indoor and outdoor venues to accommodate the numbers of players, climatic conditions and the needs of individual players.

LHCPBA Board of Directors as of January 25, 2018

Official 2018 Lake Havasu Pickleball Board of Directors

President:  David Rossing (2 yrs) Exp 2020
Click here to contact David Rossing via email

Vice-President:  Doug Carr (2 yr) Exp 2020
Click here to contact Doug Carr via email

Secretary: Mike Delaney (2 yr) Exp 2019
Click here to contact Mike Delaney via email

Treasurer: Nancy Langen (2 yrs) Exp 2020
Click here to contact Nancy Langen via email

Sergeant At Arms: Doug Frisbie (2 yr) Exp 2019
Click here to contact Doug Frisbie via email

Board Member at Large: Dennis Day (2 yr) Exp 2019
Click here to contact Dennis Day via email

Official 2018 Lake Havasu Pickleball Chairpeople

Membership: David Rossing
Website:  Eric Swiech
Publicity: Vacant
Education: David Rossing
Resources/Facility: Mike Delaney
Competition: Vacant