Download the LHC Pickleball Brochure by clicking HERE or the member application/renewal by clicking HERE and return the completed form. The form includes the dues structure and other pertinent information.

Our annual meeting and election is held in January and, although everyone is welcome to attend, only members in good standing who have paid their dues have voting privileges.

Membership is important in that it provides a communication link to players, provides each player with a voice in our organization, and is a demonstration of commitment to the quality of PB in LHC.  Further, a substantial membership gives us more ‘clout,’ a louder voice that will be helpful in working with the City, recruiting sponsors, and so on.  As of March, 2017, we had 310 PB players in our data base, 118 of which were members.

Our Association accomplished a great deal during its first year:
1.     We convinced the City that a 16-court complex is needed.
2.     We were instrumental in increasing court construction funding from $80K to $215K.
3.     We reviewed and provided feedback to the City on the preliminary Dick Samp Park (DSP) expansion plans that include the 16-court complex.
4.     We worked with the Telesis School to provide 3 indoor courts for evening play.
5.     We helped make the resurfacing of the LBB basketball court a reality.
6.     We generated wider interest in the game by participating in the annual Health Fair.
7.     We initiated fundraising activities to augment City funding.

8. We hosted our first annual tournament at DSP, which attracted several players from out of town.

With your help, we look forward to meeting even greater challenges going forward.

As stated in our bylaws, membership dues are used to fund the day to day activities of the Association and may be used to support our mission statement as well. Members in good standing get discounts on equipment and participate in various members-only events.

Join us!

David A Rossing, President