Places to Play

Dick Samp Memorial Park:

Court Location – 1628 Avalon Ave. Brand new as of February 2017! There are four dedicated outdoor pickleball courts. This location has public bathrooms and a drinking fountain nearby. You will need to bring your own chair and sun protection. It’s FREE to play here. There are no lights for evening play. This location has no wind protection for wind from the east or west so check the live wind data below for current conditions and direction! The wind map is centered over DSP. The north and south ends of the courts now have wind screens installed!

There is a group of players playing from 8am-12pm-ish everyday weather permitting. There is also a novice and beginner play time scheduled each Monday and Wednesday from 1-3pm.
Check here for any updates: Pickleball Calendar

Wind Direction and Strength in knots over DSP, from Windria
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The Aquatic Center

Located at the intersection of route 95 and Mulberry Ave. It costs $3/day to play here.

The pickleball schedule fluctuates monthly here. Click here for the current Pickleball Calendar.

NOTE: Please refer to the following link for the beginning of the month before heading to the Aquatic Center:  Open Gym Schedule


The Ark Center

The Ark Center is located at 2700 Jamaica Blvd. South. It costs $3/day.

For the most recent schedules click here:  Pickleball Calendar

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-12pm

Tuesday 8am-12pm NOTE: Women only


Telesis Preparatory Academy

2598 Starlite Ln, Lake Havasu City, AZ (map)

Telesis Gym will be open in the evenings from 5:00pm -7:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Please check the calendar before coming.

Click here for the Pickleball Calendar.
Telesis gym is a nice place to play.  The lighting is good.  The floor is good.  Three courts.

There is a $3.00 playing fee which goes to Telesis for heat and lights and related costs.